Vendor’s Information

We know how stressful moving can be and that having your home surveyed only adds to that stress. We hope that by explaining what we will do when surveying your home will help to ease the process.

To carry out our survey we will need to inspect your property in detail both externally and internally. Photographs will be taken inside and outside. We will use binoculars to look at your roofs and chimneys and ladders to look at flat roofs, (don’t worry we bring our own ladders). We will also look at any fixed outbuildings such as garaging and outside stores or workshops as well as your gardens. Can you please ensure that keys are available.

Drains are also inspected and we will lift all drain covers. It would be very helpful if before we visit you could move any heavy plant pots etc that you may have on top of the covers and check that the lids are not rusted up.

To check for dampness we use a small hand held damp meter to walls, floors and other surfaces. Inside we will have to look in your loft space so if you have filled your attic with boxes it would be greatly appreciated if some space could be cleared. We will not however start to tear up your fitted carpets nor will we be moving large items of furniture, but will have to look in any fitted cupboards such as airing cupboards. Our survey is limited to those areas that are readily accessible.

If you have any documents that may be relevant it is very useful for us to be able to inspect these such as plans and consents for alterations, guarantees, for example damp and timber treatments, double glazing and cavity wall insulation.

You must bear in mind that our client is your buyer and we ask you to understand that we will not be able to discuss our findings with you even though it is your property.

Once an appointment has been made if there is anything you feel you want to ask us then the surveyor who will be visiting will be happy to speak to you or for vendor enquiries please email us at:

Property Health Check

The ‘Property Health Check (Defect Diagnosis)’ Survey

A Property Health Check is a simple and useful tool to selling your home.

It will highlight any problems that may potentially delay or risk the sale of your home.

It’s also a useful tool for avoiding issues which may cause price reductions later in the selling process.

Most often a buyer’s Surveyor will highlight numerous (and sometimes inexpensive defects) which can look daunting to a purchaser.

By either (1) rectifying a few minor defects, (2) being honest and open about them at the negotiating stage and (3) having time to obtain competitive quotations for the works, may give a buyer the confidence to proceed.

The vast majority of properties have some defects.

A Property Health Check (Defect Diagnosis) could improve the chance of a quick sale.